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Top 10 Salesforce Winter 17 Release Notes

Salesforce Winter 17 Release Features
Waiting is over. salesforce winter 17 released. It's came with 300+ new features, we don't have enough time to go through all this salesforce winter 17 features. so I picked top 10 salesforce winter 17 realeased notes for you. he you go.. Salesforce Winter 17 Release Notes:Horizontal NavigationNew Lightning App ManagerAdd Quotes to Opportunities Related listField Help Text and Error HighlightChatter comments live UpdatesList view Inline Editing (Beta)Powerful global search for setup and salesforceSkype integration for Salesforce (Beta)Google Calendar Sync (beta)Activity Intelligence For more Salesforce winter 17 feature.

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce Lightning Interview Questions
We collected some of the basic lightning interview questions here.
What is a Salesforce Lightning?What is a aura framework?What are the advantages of lightning?How to enable lightning? and once enable lightning, can we rollback to classics?How to enable lightning to specific users only?What is a Lightning Component Framework? What are the benefits of it?How to enable Lightning Components?How can you create Lightning components?Can we Include One component to another?Is there any limit on how many component to have in one Application?What is the difference between Lightning Components and Visualforce Components?What is the Use of THIS Keyword Lightning css?What is a appHostable In Lightning Components?What is @AuraEnabled in Controller class?What is $A.enqueueAction(action) ?
We will update more Salesforce Lightning Questions soon.. Apex Interview Questions and Answers

Apex Interview Questions and Answers What is a Apex programming language?What is the use of Apex in Salesforce?How to compile and run apex programms?Is Apex Supports Oop's Concepts?What is a class in Apex?what is a Variables in apex Class?What is a Method In apex Language?where we can write apex classes?What are the Apex Class Naming Conventions?What is a Namespace Prefix?What are the data types and Variables supported by apex?What are the Control Flow Statements in Apex?What are the collection types Used in Apex?What is the difference between List and Set?What is a constructor? and How to write a apex constructor?What are the Access Modifiers in Apex?What is the difference between Global and Public classes?What is the difference between Private and Protected?What is the difference between Apex classes and Java classes?Waht is a with sharing and Without Sharing classes in Apex?What is a transient Keyword?What are the differences between static and non-static variables in Apex?What…

Apex Language Interview Questions and Answers Part -1

Apex Interview Questions and Answers -1
1. What is a Apex programming language?
Ans: Apex is a programming language developed by and it's compile and runs on platform only. It's similar to oracle Java programming language. and It's support most of the features does java supports. Apex is used to develop the custom functionality in salesforce. Read moreabout Apex Language
2. What is the use of Apex in Salesforce?
Ans: Salesforce OTB provides most used features in our applications, But some times you need to develop a  custom functionality it's not possible with point and click. so that time we need to write our custom logic  using apex programming language. for best practice give the first preference to use customization, if it's not possible then only go with apex.
3. How to compile and run apex programs?
Ans: Every time we create or update an apex class, platform compiles. if it has any compilation errors it won't save the class. I…

Salesforce CRM Basic Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce CRM Basic Interview Questions Hi...all this is my first post on this blog. I decided to start from scratch, hummmmm...but where, yeah.! Before move in to salesforce CRM, first we need to know some most used terms in CRM industry. try to guess some terms. yes your right leads, opportunities, accounts, contacts...etc. I gathered following terms, just go through it.

Most commonly used Terms in any CRM Technology:

Q. What is a cloud Computing?
A. Cloud computing is a type of computing that relies on sharing computing resources hosted on the Internet to store, manage, and process data rather than having local servers or personal devices to handle applications.
Q. What are the Services offered by Cloud Computing?
A. Cloud computing Mainly offered 3 Types of Services.
Infrastructure as a service(IaaS)Platform as a service (PaaS)Software as a service (SaaS)Q. What are the Advantages of Cloud computing?
Cost EffectivetitltSpeed & ScalesInnovationConvenientLocation ChangeMultiple U…

Batch Apex and Schedule Apex Interview Questions

Batch Apex & Schedule Apex Interview Questions
1. What is a Batch Apex?
2. Where we need to use Batch apex? what are the Features it offers?
3. What access modifier we should use in Batch Class? In batch class all methods should be Global or Public. Global: Make the batch class available to any application. Public: Only available for with in the managed package or non packaged set of source code.
4. What are the Methods we should Implement in Batch apex? We have to implement 3 methods in batch class.           1. Start          2. Execute          3. Finish
5. What is the Use of Start method? Batch class start method will run at first. It will query the data for execution method. 
6. What is the importance of Execute method? and how many times it runs?
7. What is the purpose of finish method? What is a Database.Batchable interface?What is a Database.QueryLocator?What is the iterable<Sobject>?What is a Database.BatchableContext?What is the Difference between Synchronous and Asynchr…

Latest Visualforce Interview Questions and Answers

Visualforce Developer Interview Questions What is a Visualforce pages?How can we create Visualforce page?What is a Standard Controller?What is a Standard List Controller?What is a Custom Controller?What is a Extension Controller?What is the difference between inputText and inputField?What is the difference between outputText and outputField?What is a Render, Rendered and RendredAs Attributes?What is the Difference between pageBlockTable and dataTable?What is the Difference between pageMessage and pageMessages?What is the Difference between Message and Messages?What is a InlineEdit?How many records can we display in visualforce page?How can we display more then 1000 records in visualforce page?What is the use of <apex:param> tag?What is the use of <apex:repeat> tag?What is a ActionFunction?What is a ActionSupport?What is a ActionStatus?What is a ActionPollor?What is a ActionRegion?What is a Static resource?How to Include Static resource Javascript files in visualforce page?H…

Difference between Batchable, Future and Queueable apex

Batchable vs Future vs Queueable apex

Basic apex Interview Questions and answers part - 2

Basic apex Interview Questions and answers
Apex basic concepts on data types, Control Flow Statements, collections, Methods, classes and Access Modifiers Interview questions.
11. What are the data types and Variables supported by apex?
Ans: apex language supports following data types. Primitive (Integer, Double, Long, Date, Datetime, String, Id, and Boolean)Collections (List, Set and Map)Sobjects (Ex: account, contact, custom_object__c etc)EnumsClasses, Objects and Interface12. What are the Control Flow Statements supported by Apex?
Ans: Control flow statements are used to controls the flow of the code execution order in any language.
Apex programming language supports the following control flow statements. If else statementsdo whilewhilefor (initialization; Boolean_exit_condition; increment)for (variable : array_or_set)for (variable : [inline_soql_query]) Use Break to exit the loop and Continue to Skip to next iteration of the loop.
13. What are the collection types Used in Apex…