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How to use Database.Query and Database.countQuery

Dynamic SOQL with Database.Query and Database.countQuery When we are working with Apex programming and SOQL( Salesforce Object Query Language) always it's not possible to write static SOQL queries. Using dynamic SOQL Queries we can achieve more flexible applications. Apex language has a greater feature to write some Dynamic SOQL queries using Database.Query, Database.getQueryLocatior and Database.countQuery. In this article, I'm going to show you some sample code snippets using these methods. Database.Query: Database.query allows developers to write Query in String format. Runtime it will execute as SOQL Query and return a single sObject or list of sObject type.

Ex: Query to returns a single sObject record.
sObject so = Database.query('SELECT Id FROM Account Limit 1'); Above example returns single account object record. when you try to run above query without LIMIT 1 it will throw error message "System.QueryException: List has more than 1 row for assignment to SO…

How to download and Install Official Google Chrome Browser

Download Latest Google Chrome Browser  Google chrome browser is my faverote browser. because it's simple, faster and secure in one word. Now a day 60% of the users using chrome browser and remaining 40% mozilla firefox, Internet explorer, Safari, Opera and UC browsers. Google chrome browser supports for windows, Mac os, Linux, Android and IOS. It's free and lightweight to download.  Google chrome browser Features: Following are the main key features to download google chrome browser for your pc, laptop and Mobiles.  Google chrome browser is designed for lightning speed web browsing experience.Chrome browser is for Simplicity and user-friendly.It keeps you safe and secure from malware and phishing.Chrome gives you privacy for your browsing.Google chrome allows you to customize to meet your style and needs.find tons of apps , extensions and themes from chrome web store.Sign into sync all your browser data with you.  Download Google Chrome browser: Step:1  Open the following link…