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Salesforce Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce Wave Analytics Interview Questions Part -3
21. What is Dataflow?
22. How to schedule run Dataflows?
23. How to join two datasets?
24. Tell me 5 chart types in wave analytics?
25. How to share Lens to the users?
26. How to Set Row-Level Security for the Datasets?
27. The analytic user having all the permissions, but Create Dataflow button not available. what would be the reason? 
         To create a dataflow, first user need to have "Edit Wave analytics dataflows" permission. and analytics setting "Enable Replication" should be enabled.

To enable Replicatin goto --> Setup --> Analytics --> Settings --> Enable Replication.
28. What is a Data Replication?

Einstein Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Wave Analytics Interview Questions Part-2
11. What is an analytics Lens?
         A lens is a viewer for your dataset data.It's like a particular view into a dataset’s data. You can create many lenses for one dataset. and it can be used alone or can be grouped into a dashboard.
12. What is a Salesforce Analytics Query Language (SAQL)?         SAQL (Salesforce Analytics Query Language) is used to access data in Analytics datasets. It consists of a sequence of statements that are made up of filter, group, order , identifiers, literals, or special characters. Statements can be multiple lines and must end witha semicolon. Every statement has a result, and you can chain statements together. SAQL is compositional.

13. What is the purpose of metadata.json file in analytics dataset?
              When you upload a CSV file through UI or External Data API it's recommended to provide the metadata json file. It describes the structure of the data file(.csv) in JSON format. It's optiona…

Creating first Wave analytic Application

Creating Einstein analytics app Wave analytics app or einstein analytics app contains Datasets, Lens an einstein dashboards. I can say in simple language it's like a folder. It can allow you to share your analytics data to your user or keep it private to you only.

By default, einstein analytics comes with some predefined apps to get start your analytics.
1.Sales wave Analytics App: Salesforce created the Sales Wave Analytics app to make it easy to analyze sales Cloud data.

2. Service Wave Analytics App: Service wave analytics app provides to Service managers get a complete view of customer data that includes trending as well as historical and peer benchmarks.

3. Field Service Wave Analytics App: Field Service Wave Analytics provides just-in-time analytics information for field service managers and dispatchers. they get clear picture how to improve the onsite experience.

4. Monitoring Wave App: As the name suggests it helps to drill into the orgs and monitor any identify suspicious be…

Wave Analytics Interview Questions and Answers

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Interview Questions Part-1
1. What is Salesforce analytics cloud?            Salesforce Wave analytics or Analytics Cloud is Business Intelligence (BI) of Salesforce. It's a cloud-based platform for connecting data from multiple sources, creating interactive views of that data, and sharing those views to users as dashboards. It's a better way to distribute insight to business users, so they can understand and take action on changing information. It is simple and user-friendly in measuring, filtering, grouping, drill down, viewing and sharing data. It's optimized for mobile device and data visualization.
2. What are the wave analytics benefits and features? Connect any external data source. NoSQL database. It's fully Integrated with all clouds like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Community Cloud.A wave cloud is fully supported for all devices, like desktop browsers, android and ios mobiles, and smartwatches. No …

Overview of Wave Analytics Home page Components

Wave Analytics Homepage Components In this post, I'm going to show you all the components and their purpose in wave analytics home page. If you don't have a wave analytics account or don't know how to assign wave analytics permissions sets to get wave access read this article Enable Wave analytics and Create Wave users.
First login your Salesforce account, then go to App launcher --> Select Analytics app. It will take you wave analytics home page. If you don't see the Analytic app on app launcher, you may not have wave analytics permissions. Please check you have wave analytics permission set assign or not. 
After switching to analytics app you will see the following analytics home page.

1. Pin Apps: We can pin analytics apps in home page to get quick access. 2. shared app and My dtc sales are pinned apps. 3. Notification Tracking: You can set Notifications on dashboard widgets to specific conditions to meet. after creating notification it will automatically add to…

Enable Wave analytics and Create Wave users

Enable Wave analytics to users Once you decided to use wave analytics to measure your business data to make decisions, first you need to purchase a wave platform user license.
Wave analytics User License and Pricing: It has two types of licenses. Builder User License: $250/User/MonthCreate analytics cloud appsCreate and edit dashboardsEdit and execute data flowsManage data connections and datasetsUpload external dataExplorer User License: $125/User/MonthExplore data with dashboards and lensesUsers can view dashboards To know more about Wave analytics User License. Enable Salesforce Wave Analytics:  Follow the below steps to enable wave analytics on your Salesforce org. Login your salesforce org, then navigate to Setup--> Feature settings --> Analytics --> Getting started.

Create Wave analytics users: I hope you know how to create a new salesforce user. If you don't like to create a new one, use your current admin user. We have to assign Wave Analytics and Einstein Wave An…