Salesforce advanced Code searcher Google Chrome plugin

Best Chrome plugin Salesforce advanced Code searcher

One of my best google chrome browser plugin for salesforce is Salesforce advanced Code searcher. Yes, it's one of my favourite plugin for salesforce no doubt. If you know the features of Salesforce advanced Code earcher addon you will sure to love you. 

Some of the best features about Salesforce advanced Code searcher:

Using this chrome addon to quickly find and download the code.
  • Quick search apex classes and download the code
  • Apex triggers
  • Quick find and view Visualforce pages and components
  • Search custom objects 
  • Email templates
  • Static resources 
  • Workflow rules and validation rules.
these are the few main features of Salesforce advanced Code searcher, you can found more use full features once you installed. 

How to Download and Use Salesforce advanced Code searcher Add-on:

Step:1 Download Latest Google chrome browser
I hope you have latest chrome browser, if not Click here. it will take you google chrome browser download page then you can found download button. download and install. Still you can't able install, follow this How To Download And Install Official Google Chrome Browser 

Step: 2 Download and Install Salesforce advanced Code searcher 
Open your Google chrome browser and click on following link. 

Salesforce advanced Code searcher Download Link.


Click on Add to Chrome Button, then it will asks for conformation click on Add Extension. That's  it.No need to any thing, do your work.

How to use Salesforce advanced Code searcher:

1. Login your Salesforce org. then click on Setup. then you can see two new section. first one on left navigation sidebar its Metadata Search, and second one on work space its called Developer utilities.


You can quickly find any metadata type files using sidebar Metadata search box. and using developer utilities you can search piece of code in classes, pages, triggers and vf components. 

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